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10 Advantages of having Online classes / E-learning for Kids

10 Advantages of having Online classes / E-learning for Kids

Online classes that the world popularly known as E-learning have become a buzzword amongst the education industry through the intervention of different digital technologies.

The journey of discovery of E-learning started in the year 1999 and slowly paced up with time through a distinct time frame like 2000-2005: Advancing Technology Era, 2006-2010: Rapid Development Era and 2011 Onwards: Modern Era.

The addiction of internet learning among users got so viral that many universities across the globe along with different companies started Online Learning as the best educational medium for each and every demographic of the population pertaining to any geography within the tip of fingers making life simpler, easier and better with the advancement of years.

No matter, whether you are a kid or a working professional looking for higher studies, you will definitely love online classes more as compared to the traditional classes.

There are some top universities around the world that will give you certification on successful completion of an online course for adults. While, in the same way, online classes are a boon for kids and while you will find some reasons natural, others will leave you amazed! In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of education over the internet for kids.

Benefits of Online Learning for Kids:

  1. Enables the students to learn at their own pace: The brick and mortar schools force the child to learn and complete homework at the same pace as other classmates.But with the online classes, the little ones can develop at their own pace.The online classes have a combination of self-paced work, DIY Learning,scheduled lessons, and deadlines.It helps the kids to enjoy a more individualized approach to learning fitting in their requirements and also complying with the standards of the state.
  1. Ideal for Introvert Kids: The introvert kids often tend to avoid group discussions held in a normal classroom. But with the online education system, things are different.In a virtual class, the introvert kids also participate in group discussion as there is a greater degree of interaction between the teachers and students.Another advantage is the query solving benefits.Many of us who have studied in a school might have realized that most of our queries go unanswered.But the case is different with internet aided learning as you can get all of your queries answered via email.
  1. Individualized Schedules: It helps the students to pursue their passion. There are many emerging talents across the globe in different dimensions, some are athletes, some dancers, fashionistas, and many more.So, as virtual classes give opportunities for flexible schedules and learning at free hours it serves as an advantage.  Online classes are also flexible with the submission of assignments and the daily schedules can be adjusted or tailor-made according to the aspirant’s needs.It allows the kids to travel and attend tournaments or events without sacrificing their education. One can play kids table tennis tournaments in another country and yet return back to attain an online science class.
  1. Greater learning options for students: E-learning can be afforded by any economic group. Learning online can be accessed at the tip of a smartphone.
  1. Again, as a traditional school has a huge dorm room, massive textbooks, cafeteria for meals, it adds upon the costs and becomes difficult for the underprivileged ones.Education online is also a boon for the affluent ones as they can switch to online classes without the necessity of shifting to a new district school.
  1. Learn from Qualified Teachers: Although the affluent ones can switch to top-notch schools who have experienced teachers, the things are not the same for low-incomeLow-income families are bound to send their kids to poor classrooms with inexperienced or less experienced teachers. But, with the boom of online classes, the kids have the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers without the need for paying high tuition fees.There are many online classes and apps providing science education at one click of mobile or laptops.
  1. Students are less prone to distractions and obstacles during learning: In the traditional classes, students focus less on learning and are more influenced by peer pressure.Due to this, less learning takes place as teachers take time addressing behavioural issues of students. Again, bullying can seriously impact a student’s career in a traditional brick and mortar school.While one can avoid distractions and focus solely on learning by attaining E-learning classes. And socialization can be done in free hours.
  1. Get mentorship from Guardians: In internet learning popularly known as online classes / E-learning when the little ones are accompanied by their parents or guardians, it fosters faster learning.The parents can know the strengths and weaknesses of their children at an early stage. And this helps shape their child’s career during later stages.In online classes, the guardians and parents become the learning partners of their kids.
  1. Easier Attendance: In the present world of education through the internet, you can learn from the comfort of your home.No need of getting drenched in rain during travel or sitting in a damp, chilly campus during snowy winters.So, irrespective of which part of the world you live or what the weather is in your area, you are just one click away from your classes over the internet.
  1. Learning Technical Skills: In the current digital era, technical or computer skills are mandatory to survive. The online class comes as a blessing as it makes your child tech-savvy at an early stage of life.
  1. During online classes, you or your child has to navigate through course lectures, download online materials, make online interaction, and communicate digitally.It will help both the child and the parents learn tech skills. Although, initially it may push you out of your comfort zone it is helpful in later stages of life.
  1. More creative: As per research children find online courses and classes more creative and interesting.When you take into consideration the critical diagrams in maths and science education, the illustrative designs and colorful diagrams catch the attention of the students.

It keeps the students hooked and focussed and makes it easier to learn. One popular example is STEM Education which denotes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Conclusion: The benefits of E-learning will definitely make us think about why not enroll our kids in a virtual class. Again, due to the outbreak of the infectious Covid-19, it sounds better to stay and learn from the comfort of your homes.

Thus, STEM Education can be focussed as a pivotal asset for long term skill-sets & knowledge building parameters for kids in their growing years making the knowledge acquisition a delightful treat with practical and hands-on experience making every learning as joyous participation through E-learning.

Online Classes For Kids — Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do online classes work?

Online classes work from any corner of the world. Once you get enrolled in an online class, you will receive guidance from your instructors, all the necessary information will be provided to you such as course details, assignment submission dates, and even how to navigate through the panel of course details.

All you need is internet access, and a laptop or even smartphones also work well.

2. Will an online class for kids affect their grades?

Online classes are a better alternative to traditional classes. Online classes to date do not have any adverse effect on the grades of the kids. But, instead have shown positive results and better grade scores. It could be attributed to the focused learning and low distraction that takes place in virtual classes.

3. Are online coding classes safe for kids?

Earlier parents doubted that kids master coding skills. But, as per surveys, many kids find coding fun and interactive. Further, coding opens doors for future job opportunities and is a rewarding profession.

Coding provides a competitive advantage in the future when your child wants to apply for a job, internships, and colleges.

Again, coding helps the kids to have a better understanding of the digital world around them such as interacting with different technologies.

Coding also fosters creativity within the kids. The same amount of time that could be spent playing a video game can be utilized to learn something new. The child could imagine how their website or app would look like.

4. Can online classes replace traditional classes?

Online classes can no doubt be a better replacement of traditional brick and mortar classes. Although, for some, traditional classes with their bunch of friends make school life memorable. But, in the current scenario, when there is a COVID-19 outbreak everywhere it is better to stay indoors.

Online classes come with an added advantage with the digital revolution already at its peak. One can save time that would have been wasted while commuting. Students will get the learning resources collectively. Students can get personalized attention and query resolution.

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