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LEGO® Education® SPIKE™ Prime: An Instructor’s perspective

LEGO® Education® SPIKE™ Prime: An Instructor’s perspective

LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime: A Teacher’s Experience

LEGO Education® has seen a lot of popularity in recent years. This type of education system motivates students to learn and practice more. They enjoy the practical process; thus, they are eager to learn more. Studying with LEGO® products develops the thinking and creative skills of the students. Students understand different concepts with the help of practical learning. Students who are having practical learning for a particular subject will definitely score well in that subject.

LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set is considered as a learning tool for middle school students. Spike prime aims to engage the students in playful activities where they can think critically and solve some complex problems. Spike prime helps students to learn the concepts of STEAM and the new skills that are adapted in the 21st century. All this learning is related to fun.

Let’s discuss some features of the LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set:

New Lego Elements

To make the learning more fun, the LEGO Group and LEGO education have jointly decided to add 11 new elements to the LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set. The new elements are innovative and creative, thus catching the eye of the students. The elements which are included in the spike prime set are integrator brick, a new wheel design, biscuit, technic base plate, ball & castor, gear, wire clip, and technic frames. All these elements are included in the new set, so if a student is buying it now, then he/she can enjoy the new elements.

Features of Lego Prime


It was manufactured according to the learning level of 6-8 grade students. Thus adapting and understanding the different techniques of LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set will not be that difficult for students of all age groups.

Implements STEAM Learning

STEAM Learning is considered as an educational approach that uses different subjects or fields such as science, maths, engineering, arts and technology as an access point in order to improve the practical skills of students.

With the help of LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set, students get the chance to learn different new things in the technological domain. It includes the learning of coding language from scratch, a programmable smart hub, and different concepts of STEAM. This learning will make the students more efficient and make them capable of solving complex problems with critical thinking. Hence, this LEGO set helps to accelerate the students’ learning on the concepts of STEAM.


After becoming experts in this LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set, students acquire certain confidence in different things and subjects, which will help them score good marks in the exams. They gain confidence because they learn from their own mistakes while solving the lesson plans of the strike prime set. Here, they use their own creativity that creates self-aware among kids about the mistakes they are committing.

They resolve the mistakes and develop their skills which make them more confident of their abilities. When a student’s confidence is increased, it is proved that he/she will definitely perform well in the workplace.

Prepares for Future

This type of learning improves the students’ engineering skills and exposes them to the advanced technologies that are being adapted to the world. Students polish their creative and engineering skills; thus, they will become capable of facing any challenge in higher classes.

The knowledge acquired will never fade out and will remain with the students throughout their real life. This will even help them in their future professional journey.

Why do Students Use LEGO Education Kits?

LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set aims to provide a multi-level learning approach to the students with the help of which students can develop their computational skills and thinking. All these skills are developed in a logical manner. This LEGO set initially starts with some easy tasks that the students find interesting and funny.

But once they begin to cross different stages in the kit, the level of difficulty increases with complex tasks that are based on new technologies. Solving these tasks helps students to develop their critical thinking skills. While completing the tasks of this LEGO set, students can use their own creativity without any limitations, which is a great technique to improve technical and practical skills. Through this set, students not only learn about engineering and architecture but also about different critical skills.

Advantages of Spike Prime

  • The LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set is capable of giving STEM lessons to the students. The lesson plans of Spike follow the famous learning pedagogy of LEGO, which are the 5E’s – Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate. Every lesson plan is related to Maths and English language.
  • The LEGO spike prime set has lesson plans that will prepare the students for entrepreneurship, boosting their life hacks skills. They will think more critically after completing the lesson plans of this set.
  • It uses the scratch platform for educating students regarding the programming language. If schools are also using scratch programming, then it becomes much easier for students to understand this topic.
  • The LEGO spike prime introduces the next-generation artificial intelligence concept to the students. They enable the students to learn PYTHON programming and all the latest technologies that the world is adopting.
  • The box of LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set is considered to be compact, which also comes with a gyro sensor. This is considered a great advantage.
  • The lesson plans which are available are user-friendly, thus making the learning process engaging for the students.
  • The Spike prime motor has the feature of resetting itself to the previous position after every use.

Integrating Spike Prime in Classroom Curriculum

It is easy to integrate spike prime into the class curriculum because the kit will not affect the students’ learning, instead, it will help increase their knowledge. The spike prime is prepared according to the intellectual level of students of grades 6-8. So it will not be difficult for students of a particular age group to understand the different lesson plans of the LEGO spike prime set.

Besides, any doubts by the students or the teachers can get cleared on the LEGO website. Thus, integrating such an education system into the school curriculum will be the right choice as it will develop the technical skills of students and make them more acquainted with the advanced technologies that are trending in the world.


Using LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime set can be very beneficial for a middle school student because it will improve his/her skills with the help of practical knowledge. This type of learning helps in improving the critical skills of a student; thus, he/she can achieve a lot of success in the future.

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